18 Aug 2017

Important Reminder! From 1st August 2017 imports of Incandescent Lamps and Halogen Lamps were banned by PAI.

The Public Authority for Industry (PAI) in Kuwait issued a Ministerial Decision No. 60/2017 on the 7th June 2017 which prohibited the importation of incandescent lamps and halogen lamps due to their high consumption of electrical energy.

The ban on such lamps started on 1st August 2017. A reminder of the detailed timeline of implementation, affected lamp specifications and exemptions can be found by contacting Intertek.

Banned lamp types that are already in the Kuwait marketplace before the start of the ban date, will be allowed to be traded for a further year from the ban date, and after this period, the banned lamp types cannot be offered, sold, or marketed in Kuwait.

Exporters of these products can contact Intertek for further clarification and understanding of how this affects marketing entry into Kuwait.

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