09 Jun 2021

Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is pleased to announce the launch of Tradeable – a portfolio of solutions to support validation of suppliers or manufacturers as well as production, shipment and goods handling processes across the international supply chain. Tradeable will help customers mitigate trade related risks enabling them to trade with confidence.

In an ever more complex and challenging trading environment, Tradeable can support your business by delivering on the ground trade support and expertise. Using a variety of solutions such as validating your manufacturer or supplier to make sure their facilities meet your requirements, verifying the production process for quality and quantity through inspections prior to shipment and reviewing the goods handling process, Tradeable will help to protect your reputation and brand, enhance quality control throughout the production process, minimise shipment delays and reduce the need for re-work, empowering you to manage your supply chain risks.

With our extensive global footprint, Intertek is your trusted partner in over 40 countries around the world and is ready to assist you with strengthening your supply chain and enhancing supplier confidence. Our independent assessments provide you with assurance that your imported goods are of the best quality possible and safe for your consumers, while also ensuring that your transit costs are minimised and your product is on the market in optimum time.

Thomas Kordick, Global Business Line Leader, Intertek Government and Trade Services, said: "Tradeable was developed to support our customers to address their specific needs with respect to validating not only shipments, but new and existing manufacturers, offering critical on the ground support to mitigate the risks identified by the changing way they are having to do business. Intertek is the only company with a global network that can combine deep technical expertise on trade gained through decades of supporting Government quality and fiscal programmes for trade with comprehensive support on a range of pre-shipment solutions.”

Learn more: www.intertek.com/tradeable/

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