22 Mar 2012

The Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade issued recently issued two decrees, effective 31st March 2012 which implement new export regulations.

The decrees are:

  • 626/2011
  • 660/2011

These decrees implement new import regulations for Textiles, Garments, Carpets, Footwear and Bags. Compliance with these regulations involves obtaining Certificate of Inspection (CoI) for each shipment containing these regulated products. CoI can only be issued by an ISO 17020 accredited inspection body, approved and registered by GOIEC.

Intertek is registered and approved by GOIEC to issue the Certificate of Inspection.

Exporters are advised that shipments of regulated products will require a Certificate of Inspection for clearance through Egypt Customs at all Egypt ports and border entry points. Regulated product consignments have to be verified for compliance with relevant Egyptian-sanctioned standards and essential requirements. The compliance verification process will involve physical inspection of the consignment and if necessary, sample selection for testing purposes or submission of test reports. Exporters who already use Intertek for quality and safety testing of these types of goods can expand the scope of their testing to include these new requirements.

Intertek is qualified, in line with the ministerial requirements to review and analyze shipments containing these products in conjunction with applicable Egyptian Standards and issue a Certificate of inspection (Coi) that will be formally recognized by Egypt Customs Authorities.

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