16 Mar 2023

SFDA’s Unified Electronic System (GHAD) replacing eCosma for specified services

Manufacturers and Exporters of Cosmetic and Perfumery products to KSA need to be aware of the launch of SFDA’s Unified Electronic System (GHAD) which is replacing the existing eCosma platform for the following services:

  • Notification of Cosmetic and Perfumery products
  • Notification of Manufacturing sites for Cosmetic and Perfumery products
  • Warehouse licensing

Starting from 30th March 2023, SFDA’s Unified Electronic System (GHAD) will be mandatory for the above-mentioned services. 

SFDA has instructed all those affected who are registered in the current eCosma platform to create a new account in the GHAD system so that their existing database in the eCosma platform can be linked and migrated automatically to the GHAD system.

SFDA has also instructed that existing applications in progress in the eCosma platform must  be completed before 30th March 2023, after that date no new applications can be submitted on the eCosma platform

The existing database in the eCosma platform can only be accessed until 30th September 2023.

Our Intertek team is here to help you and your organisation to understand and apply this important latest market access regulation in Saudi Arabia.   

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