16 Sep 2016

Requirements of the second stage for EER for Electric Motors

SASO has recently issued a circular as a reminder to the Certification Bodies (CBs) and the Exporters/Manufacturers of Electric Motors on the forthcoming implementation of the second stage of the mandatory Saudi standard SASO IEC 60034-30/2013.

SASO has requested that certification bodies, such as Intertek, start implementing the requirements of the second stage from 1st October 2016 three months ahead of the initially communicated enforcement date which is 1st January 2017.

Summary of the requirements mandated in the second stage of the EER for motors:

  • Starting from 1st October 2016, all Electric Motors under the scope of the EER shall comply with the minimum energy efficiency rating of IE3. Energy efficiency classification of IE2 will no longer be accepted during the second stage.
  • Electric Motors, of specific types identified by SASO which are excluded from the scope of the EER, are now required to be registered with SASO by the Exporter/Manufacturer to obtain the Certificate of Exclusion. Energy efficiency test according to SASO IEC 60034-30 and IEC 60034-2-1 shall also be required for these motors. 

Exporters/Manufacturers are required to comply with the second stage of EER to obtain the Certificate of Conformity.

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