20 Jun 2022

Exporting/Importing to Egypt: ACID number and other details soon to be mandatory for Air Shipments

The Egyptian Customs has recently published a press release on their website stating that the Advanced Cargo Information (ACI) platform, Nafeza, for electronic transmission of Shipment data and Customs clearance introduced earlier for Ocean Shipments, is now available for all Air Shipments on an experimental basis and will be on a mandatory basis from 1st October 2022 onwards.

After the mandatory enforcement date, the following information shall be clearly indicated in the Certificate of Inspection (CoI) and all other shshipment-relatedocuments for Regulated Product shipments: 

  • Advanced Cargo Identification (ACID) Number - A 19-digit number obtained by the Importers by registering themselves on the Nafeza platform which is then shared by them with their Exporters
  • Importer Tax Number 
  • Exporter’s Commercial Registration Number

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