29 Sep 2022

Exporting/Importing to Egypt: Important Regulatory Update on Regulated Product List and ACID Number

ECAP Regulated Product List Revised 

We would like to remind you that the revised RP List published in the Egyptian Official Gazette on 6th July 2022 includes the following newly added regulated products: 

  • Door Locks (8301.40)
  • Low-Pressure Regulator for household use (9032.20)
  • Hand valve for gas pipes (8481.30 – 8481.40)
  • Insulated Electric cables with rated voltage not exceeding 3 kV (8544)
  • Welding Electrodes (8311)
  • Ballasts for lamps and discharge tubes (8504.10)
  • LED Lamps, Excluding LED lamps for vehicles (8539.50, 8543)
  • Electric cells and accumulators (Batteries) (8506 – 8507)

Shipments of the above-mentioned regulated products with a Bill of Lading (B/L) Date on or after 5th October 2022, will require a Certificate of Inspection (CoI) for their clearance at Egyptian Ports and Borders.

Mandatory ACID number for Air Shipments postponed

Further to our earlier announcement regarding the mandatory enforcement date of 1st October 2022 for the Advanced Cargo Information (ACI) platform, Nafeza, for Air Shipments, Egyptian Customs has now postponed the mandatory enforcement date to 1st January 2023.

After the revised mandatory enforcement date, i.e. from 1st January 2023, the following information shall be clearly indicated in the Certificate of Inspection (CoI) and all other shipment-related documents for Regulated Product shipments:  

  • Advanced Cargo Identification (ACID) Number - A 19-digit number obtained by the Importers by registering themselves on the Nafeza platform which is then shared by them with their Exporters
  • Importer Tax Number 
  • Exporter’s Commercial Registration Number

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