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Intertek provides ASTM, ISO, IP and other test methods for the analysis of petroleum, petroleum refined products, and petrochemical feedstocks and products.

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Test DescriptionTest Method
C8 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Analysis by GCASTM D2306
Calcium Content of Lubricating OilIP 111
Calorific Value Gross and Net IP 12
Calorific Value NetASTM D240, DIN 51900-1
Carbon Content 
Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen (CHN)ASTM D5291
Carbon Residue, ConradsonIP 13, SIO 6615, ASTM D189
Carbon Residue, MCRTASTM D4530
Carbon Residue, MCRT on 10% BottomsASTM D4530, SIO 10370, IP 398
Carbon Residue, Micro MethodIP 398
Carbon Residue, RamsbottomASTM D524, IP 14, ISO 4262
Carbonates Content in Sodium HydroxideISO 3196
Carbonizable MatterASTM D565, E346
Carbonizable Substances in Paraffin WaxASTM D612
Carbon-Type Composition of Petroleum Based Insulating OilsASTM D2140
Carbonyl Compounds BS 6392-3
Carbonyl ContentASTM D4423, E411
Carbonyl Number by Chemical AnalysisUO P624
Cetane TestingASTM, IP, EN

Cetane Index

ASTM D4737, D976, IP 380, ISO 4264

Cetane Number

ASTM D613, IP 41
ASTM Chemical Testing 
Petro-chemicals Testing 
Chemical Oxygen DemandAWWA
Chemical Oxygen Demand (Dichromate Oxygen Demand) of WaterASTM D1252
Chloride - Organic (including Naphtha Cut)ASTM D4929
Chloride in Engine CoolantASTM D5827
Chloride IonASTM D512A
Chloride Ion in WaterASTM D512C, D512B
Chloride, OrganicMicrocoulometry
ChloridesASTM E291
Chlorides - InorganicUOP 588
Chlorides - OrganicUOP 779, UOP 588, ASTM D5808
Chlorides - TotalASTM D4929, UOP 588
Chlorides/Halides - InorganicASTM D2988, D512
Chlorine by Wavelength Dispersive by XRFASTM D6443
Chlorine Content of Lubricating OilsIP 118
Chlorine Content of Petroleum ProductsIP 244
Chlorine in new and used oilsASTM D808
Chlorine in Aromatics, Crude OilASTM D7536
CHN, CHNS, CHNSO (CHNOS) analysisASTM, other
CleanlinessASTM D4740,
CNG Quality Testing 
Coal Inspection and Testing 
Coke Reactivity IndexASTM D5341
Cloud PointASTM D2500, D5771, D5773, IP 219, ISO 3015, ISO 3015
Cold Filter Plugging Point(EN 116)ASTM D6371
Cold Filter Plugging PointIP 309
ColorASTM D1209, D2108, D5386
Color and AppearanceVisual
Color of Solid Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Molten StateASTM D1686
Color of Transparent Liquids (Gardner Color Scale)ASTM D1544
Color, ASTMASTM D1500
Color, AvgasASTM D2392
Color, SayboltASTM D156
Color, TristimulusASTM D6045
Colour (Lovibond Tintometer)IP 17
Colour in MethanolBS 506-2
Colour of Liquid Chemical ProductsBS 5339
Colour of Petroleum Products (ASTM Scale)IP 196
CompatabilityASTM D4740
CompositionASTM D2163, D2593
Condensates Composition, Natural Gas LiquidsNGL Testing
ConductivityASTM D2624, D4308
Conductivity and Resistivity of WaterASTM D1125
Cone Penetration of Lubricating GreaseASTM D217, IP 50
Grease TestingASTM, IP
Congealing Point of Petroleum WaxesASTM D938
Congealing Point of Waxes and PetrolatumIP 76
Copper ContentASTM D1688
Copper Content (Spectrophotometric)IP225
Copper Content (GF AAS)ASTM D6732
Copper CorrosionIP 154, ISO 2160, ASTM D130
Copper Corrosion of LPGIP 411
Copper Corrosion of Lubricating GreaseIP 112
Corrosion Testing and Consultancy
Corrosion CopperASTM D1838, D849
Corrosion SilverD130 MOD, IP 227
Corrosive Sulphur Compounds in Electrical Insulating OilsASTM D1275, IP 315, Transformer Oil
Contamination: Fuels 
Contamination: Lubricants 
Coumarin Content (Fluorimetric Method) - QualitativeIP 374A
Coumarin Content (HPLC Method) - QuantitativeIP 374B
Crude by Rail Services 
Crude Oil, Petroleum TestingASTM, IP, Other
Crude Oil AssayDetailed Hydrocarbon Analysis of Crude Oil Feedstocks.
Crude Oil Assay Tests ListDetailed listing
Petroleum testing:

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