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Intertek provides ASTM, ISO, IP and other test methods for the analysis of petroleum, petroleum refined products, and petrochemical feedstocks and products.

Petroleum & Petrochemical Test Directory


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Test DescriptionTest Method
S & W (Centrifuge) ASTM D2709, D96
S&W (Centrifuge) ASTM D4007, D1796
Salt ContentASTM D6470, D3230, IP 77
Salts Content, Total of Crude Oil - Conductivity IP 265
Saponification NumberASTM D94
Saponification Number - Colour-Indicator TitrationIP 136
Saturates, Asphaltenes, Resins, and Aromatics (SARA)SARA, IP 469
Sediment - Potential (Accelerated)IP 390 + IP 375
Sediment by ExtractionISO 3735, IP 53
Sediment by Hot FiltrationASTM D4870, IP 375
Sediment by Membrane FiltrationASTM D4807
Sediment ContentASTM D473
Sediment in Lube OilsASTM D2273
Shale Oil and Gas Testing 
Silicones in petroleum distillatesUOP 787
Simulated DistillationASTM D2887
Simulated DistillationHigh Temp
Stability of Fuel Oils webpage 
Smoke PointASTM D1322
Smoke Point COC (In conjunction with COC Flash )State
Smoke Point of KerosineIP 57
Smoke Volatility Index (Calculation only)Calc
Sodium Carbonate Content in Sodium Hydroxide (Technical Grades)BS 4130
Sodium Chlorate in Caustic Soda and Caustic Potash by Ion ChromatographyASTM E1787
Sodium Chloride in Sodium Hydroxide - Photometric MethodISO 3197
Sodium Hydroxide AssayISO 979
Sodium Hydroxide ContentBS 4130
Sodium Sulphate in Sodium Hydroxide - Barium Sulphate Gravimetric MethodISO 982
Softening PointASTM D36
Softening PointT53
Softening Point of Bitumen - Ring and Ball MethodIP 58
Solidification PointASTM D852
Solubility of Bituminous BindersIP 47
Soot Content in Used Diesel Engine Oils by Infrared SpectrometryDIN5 1452
Specific Gravity by PycnometerIP 190
Spot TestASTM D102
Storage Stability of DieselsASTM D4625
Styrene Analysis by GCASTM D5135
Sulphur, Sulfur Testing 
SulfatesASTM E291
Sulfur ContentASTM D2784, D3246, D3961, D4468
Sulfur ContentASTM D6212, D6667
Sulfur Content - BombASTM D129
Sulfur Content (EDXRF)ASTM D4294
Sulfur Content (Lamp Method)ASTM D1266
Sulfur Content (WDXRF)ASTM D2622
Sulfur Content by HydrogenolysisASTM D4045
Sulfur Content by Oxidative MicrocoulometryASTM D3120
Sulfur Content by UV FluorescenceASTM D5453
Sulfur: Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Testing 
Sulfur SpeciationASTM D5623
Sulfur Sulphur Speciation 
Sulphated AshIP 163
Sulphated Ash of Petroleum ProductsDIN 51575
Sulphur Content - High Pressure Combustion MethodIP 61
Sulphur Content - Lamp Combustion MethodIP 107
Sulphur Content - Microcoulometry (Oxidative) IP 373
Sulphur Content - Wickbold Combustion MethodISO 4260
Sulphur Content - Wickbold Combustion MethodNFEN 24260
Sulphur Content by EDXRFISO 8754, IP 336
Sulphur Content in Petroleum Products and Hydrocarbons - Wickbold Combustion MethodIP 243
Sulphuric Acid ContentBS 3903
superCharge Octane TestD909
Suspended Matter or Sediment in Halogenated HydrocarbonsISO 7201-1
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