Petroleum and Petrochemical Tests, R.

Intertek provides ASTM, ISO, IP and other test methods for the analysis of petroleum, petroleum refined products, and petrochemical feedstocks and products.

Petroleum & Petrochemical Test Directory

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Test DescriptionTest Method
Rail Car Crude Oil Services 
Reducing Substances in GlycerolBS 5711-20
Reformulated Gasoline TestingRFG
Refractive IndexASTM D1218, D1747
Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP)ASTM D323
Relative DensityASTM D1657, D70, T228
Relative Density (Calculation only)ASTM D2598
Residual Matter (Weathering)ASTM D2158
Residue on EvaporationBS 4524
Residue on Evaporation of Butanone (Ethyl Methyl Ketone)BS 1940
Residue on Evaporation of Industrial Methylated SpiritsBS 3591
Residue on Evaporation of MethanolBS 506-2
RBOT Oxidative Stability TestingASTM D2272
Rolling Thin Film Oven TestASTM D2872
Rust Preventing Characteristics of Steam-Turbine OilIP 135
Rust Preventing Characteristics of Water Mix Metal Working FluidsIP 287
Rust-Preventing Characteristics of Inhibited Mineral OilASTM D665
RVP (Reid Vapor Pressure)ASTM D323, IP 69
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