US-EPA RFG (reformulated gasoline) testing and inspection.

Intertek Caleb Brett

Intertek provides full RFG gasoline testing to US-EPA approved method analysis, for RFG and conventional gasolines. Reformulated gasolines are clean grades of gasoline available in selected areas of the USA.

EPA US federal government mandated sulfur reductions in gasolines:

  • Refined or imported gasoline has a maximum of 80 ppm sulfur.
  • Gasoline at retail locations must have a maximum of 95 ppm sulfur.
  • The sulfur standard applies to convential and RFG gasoline, except for CARB regulated gasolines.
  • The Clean Air Act has some exceptions and provisions for a small percentage of gasoline refiners and retailers.
  • Federal regulatory references:
    • 40CFR80.210 Retail
    • 40CFR80.195 Refinery

RFG fuel sampling options:

  • Tank Sampling by Intertek or Client
  • Sample Mail-In Shipper Kits
  • Sample Pick-Up at Client Location

RFG gasoline sample collection, transport and rapid laboratory testing is convenient:

    • Vapor Pressure D5191 (EPA)
    • Aromatics D5769, D1319
    • Benzene D3606
    • Olefins D1319
    • Distillation D86
    • Oxygen D5599, D4815
    • Sulfur D2622 [D5453, D3120, D7039]
      • The primary sulfur test procedure for all US RFG gasoline remains D2622.
      • Other ASTM methods: D5453, D3120 and D7039 may be used as long as a correlation program with D2622 is established.
      • For the State of California, CARB D5453 is the primary sulfur test method.
The 2.0 % testing tolerance for reformulated gasoline, RFG VOC reduction has been extended to cover the first "turnover tank" for summer grade RFG. RFG refers to reformulated gasoline.
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