Petroleum and petrochemical tests, E.

Intertek provides ASTM, ISO, IP and other test methods for the analysis of petroleum, petroleum refined products, and petrochemical feedstocks and products.

Petroleum & Petrochemical Test Directory

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Test DescriptionTest Method
Eagle Ford Shale Oil and Gas Services 
Elastic Recovery of Bituminous MaterialsASTM D6084
Electric StrengthBS 148
Electric Strength of Insulating OilsIP 295
Electrical Conductivity of HydrocarbonsIP 274
Elemental AnalysisTrace Analysis
Emulsion Test (Water Separability) 
Ester Value of Solvents and ThinnersASTM D1617
Ethanol Fuel Grade TestingASTM
Ethanol Content of Ethanol for Industrial UseBS 507
Ethanol Content of MethanolASTM E346
Ethyl Acetate AnalysisITM 2208
Ethyl Mercaptan in LPGASTM D5306
Ethylene Glycol in Used Motor OilsASTM D2982
Ethylene, Other Hydrocarbons, Carbon Dioxide in High Purity EthyleneASTM D2505
Evaporation Loss of Lubricating GreaseIP 183
Evaporation Loss of Lubricating Greases and OilsASTM D972
Existent Gum, Aviation Turbine FuelsIP 131, IP 540
ExplosivenessFTM 1151
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