Petroleum and petrochemical testing directory, B.

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Intertek provides ASTM, ISO, IP and other test methods for the analysis of petroleum, petroleum refined products, and petrochemical feedstocks and products.

Petroleum & Petrochemical Test Directory


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Test Description Test Method
Bacterial, Fungi, and Yeast in Fuel Systems Test Kit
Bacteria in Fuels  
Bacterium (Viable Aerobic Microbial Content) IP 385
Base Oil Testing and Inspection  
Benzene and Total Aromatics ASTM D5580
Benzene Analysis ASTM D4492
Benzene and Aromatics in Gasoline ASTM D4420
Benzene and Total Aromatics (GCMS) ASTM D5769
Benzene by Infrared Spectrometry EN 238
Benzene Content ASTM D3606
Benzene in Hydrocarbon Solvents ASTM D4367
Benzene in Motor and Aviation Gasoline ASTM D6277, replaces D4053
Benzene in Water by Purge & Trap, GC-MS Method EPA 524-2
Benzene, Oxygenates portable IR (Non-Regulatory) ASTM D5845, D6277
Biologicals (Bacteria, Fungi, Yeast) ITM 1037
Biofuel Analysis  
Biodiesel Content EN14078, ASTM D6751
Biodiesel Fuels Testing  
Biofuels Services A-Z Listing  
Biomass Fuel Testing  
BMCI (Bureau of Mines Correlation Index Calculation) BMCI
Boiling Range Distribution of Gasoline and Gasoline Fractions  ASTM D3710
Boiling Range Distribution of Petroleum Distillates ASTM D7213
Bromine Index ASTM D1492, D2710, IP 299
Bromine Number ASTM D1159, E234, IP 129, IP 130
BTEX Analysis ITM 1564
Bunker Fuel Testing ISO 8217
Bunker Quantity Survey  
Burning Characteristics of Kerosine, 24 Hour Method IP 10
Burning Quality ASTM D187
Butadiene Dimer and Styrene in Butadiene ASTM D2426
Butadiene Purity and Hydrocarbon Impurities ASTM D2593
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