Petroleum and Petrochemical Testing, M.

Intertek provides ASTM, ISO, IP and other test methods for the analysis of petroleum, petroleum refined products, and petrochemical feedstocks and products.

Petroleum & Petrochemical Test Directory

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Test DescriptionTest Method
Manganese Content (g/gal)ASTM D3831
Melting PointASTM D127, D87
Mercaptans Testing 
Mercaptan SulfurASTM D3227, UOP 163
Mercaptan Sulfur & Hydrogen SulfideIP 103, IP 104
Mercaptan Sulfur in Light and Middle Distillates (Potentiometric Method)IP 342
Mercaptan Sulphur and Hydrogen Sulphide in LPG IP 272
Mercaptan Odorizer Testing in LPGASTM D5305
Mercury, Mercury Species Detection UOP 938
Mercury in Sodium Hydroxide - Dithizone Photometric MethodISO 5992
Metals Analysis, Trace Metals 
Metals in Petroleum, Refined Products, Trace Levels 
Metals - Al/Si (Ashing & Fusion)AAS/AESASTM D5184, IP 377
Metals - Al/Si/V/Ni/Fe/Na (Ashing & Fusion)IP 470
Metals - Al/Si/V/Ni/Fe/Na/Ca/Zn/P (Ashing & Fusion)IP 501
Metals - Ni/V/Fe (Solvent Dilution) ICPASTM D5708A
Metals - Ni/V/Fe (Digestion & Ashing) ICP, AASASTM D5863A, D5708B
Metals - Ni/V/Na (Solvent Dilution) AASASTM D5863B
Metals (Ni, V) - Spectrophotometric MethodIP 285
Metals Content in Wastewater ASTM C1111
Metals in Fuel Oil (V, Na, Al, Si)ASTM D5056
Metals, (Graphite furnace for three elements) AASGF-AA
Metals,Trace by ICP/MSICP-MS
Metals-Trace, Na/Pb/Ca/V/KASTM D3605
Methanol Testing and AnalysisASTM, IMPCA
Methanol contentGC
Methanol Content of Formaldehyde SolutionsASTM D2380
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Purity by GCASTM D2804
Miscibility with Water of EthanolBS 6392-5
Moisture Content (Field Test)Shaw
Moisture Content (Valve Freeze)ASTM D2713
Molecular Weight (Includes necessary tests)ASTM D2502
Molecular Weight of Hydrocarbons by Thermoelectric Measurement of Vapor PressureASTM D2503
Motor Octane Number (Calculation only)ASTM D2598
Motor Sport Fuel Testing 
MSEP (Microsepararometer Index)ASTM D3948
MTBE PurityASTM D5441
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