Petroleum and petrochemical testing, A.

Intertek provides test methods for the analysis of petroleum, petroleum refined products, and petrochemical feedstocks and products.

Petroleum & Petrochemical Test Directory


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Test DescriptionTest Method
2,4-Dimethyl-6-tertiary-butylphenol Content of Aviation Turbine Fuel by HPLCIP 343
Absorbance by UV at single fixed wavelengthASTM D2008
Absorbance by UV scanASTM D2269
Acetaldehyde Content of Vinyl AcetateASTM D2191, E346
Acetone in MethanolASTM D1612
Acid AcceptanceASTM D2942
Acid and Alkalinity Numbers of PolyolsASTM D4662
Acid and Base Numbers ASTM D974, IP 354, IP 139
Acid and Base Numbers (Potentiometric)ASTM D2896, D4739, D664, IP 177
Acid Number and Naphthenic AcidsUOP 565
Acid Wash ColorASTM D848
AcidityD1613, D2989, D847, E301, ISO 2887
Acidity (Colorimetric)ASTM D3242
Acidity and Alkalinity of Lubricating GreaseIP 37
Acidity and Neutralization Value (Colorimetric)IP 1
Acidity in EthanolBS 507
Acidity in Ethylene Glycols and Propylene GlycolsASTM E202
Acidity in Halogenated HydrocarbonsISO 7201-1
Acidity in Industrial Methylated SpiritsBS 3591
Acidity in MethanolBS 506-2
Acidity in Vinyl Acetate and AcetaldehydeASTM D2086
Acidity of Distillation ResidueASTM D1093
Acidity of Formaldehyde SolutionsASTM D2379
Acidity or Alkalinity of WaterASTM D1067A, D1067B
Acidity-Alkalinity in EthanolBS 6392-1
Aldehyde ContentD2119, D2191
AlkalinityD1614, D2989
Acrylonitrile Analysis by GCASTM E1863
Adblue TestingISO 22241-1
Additives in Diesel (Alkyl Nitrate)ASTM D4046
Air Release ValueIP 313
Alcoholic impurities in AcetoneBS 509-2
Aldehyde ContentASTM D2119, D2191
Aldehydes and Ketones in MethanolBS 506-2
Aldehydes in EthanolBS 507
AlkalinityASTM D1614, D2989, E291
Alkalinity in EthanolBS 507
Amine Acid Acceptance (Alkalinity) of Halogenated Organic SolventsASTM D2106
Ammonia in GasesColorimetric
Analysis of Isopropylbenzene (Cumene) by Gas ChromatographyASTM D3760
Aniline PointASTM D611, IP 2
Aniline Point (Mixed)ASTM D611
Anions in Water ASTM D4327
Anti-Icing AdditiveASTM D5006, FTM 5327
API Gravity, Density, Relative DensityASTM D1298, D287, D4052, D5002
Apparent Viscosity of Engine Oils at Low TemperatureASTM D4684
Apparent Viscosity of Engine Oils, Cold-Cranking SimulatorASTM D5293, IP 383
AppearanceASTM D3741, Visual
Appearance (White Bucket test)ATA 103
Appearance or HazeASTM D4176, Colonial
Aromatic Hydrocarbons TestingASTM, other
Aromatics by HPLCIP 436
Aromatics in Diesel by HPLCIP 391
Aromatics in Diesel by SFCASTM D5186
Aromatics in Molex n-Paraffin Products UOP 495
Arsenic ContentGF-AA, UOP 296
Arsine in GasesMDA
Ash ContentASTM D482, IP 224, IP 4, ISO 6245
Ash Content (Sulfated)ASTM D874
Ash Content of Engine Coolants and AntirustsASTM D1119
Ash Content of Lubricating GreaseASTM D128
Asphalt TestingASTM, other
AsphaltenesASTM D6560, IP 143, ASTM D7061
Aviation Fuel TestingASTM, other
Aviation Gasoline, AvgasASTM D910