Petroleum and petrochemical tests, D.

Intertek provides ASTM, ISO, IP and other test methods for the analysis of petroleum, petroleum refined products, and petrochemical feedstocks and products.

Petroleum & Petrochemical Test Directory


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Test DescriptionTest Method
DCPD (dicyclopentadiene)GC-MS
Demulsibility Characteristics of Lubricating OilsASTM D2711, IP 19
Denaturant, Ethanol and MethanolASTM D5501
Density Crude Oil, API GravityHydrometer
Density / Relative DensityASTM D2111, D891, D1298, D4052
Density of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products IP 365
Density of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products IP 160, ISO 3675
Density of Mineral Oils and Related MaterialsDIN 51757
Density of Pure Liquid Chemicals (Pyncnometer)ASTM D3505
Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA)ASTM D5134, CAN CGSB
Dielectric StrengthASTM D877
Diene ValueUOP 326
Diesel Fuel TestsASTM
Diesel Exhaust Fluid TestingISO 22241-1
Diesel Fuel Diluent in Used Diesel Engine OilsASTM D3524
Diesel Index (Calculation only)IP 21
Dimer & Styrene (GC)ASTM D2426
DistillationASTM D1078, D850, D86, IP 123
Distillation - Cut-backASTM D402, T78
Distillation (Vacuum Potstill)ASTM D5236
Distillation of MethanolBS 506
Distillation of Volatile Organic LiquidsIP 195
Distillation, AtmosphericASTM D86, ISO 3405 
Distillation, Reduced PressureASTM D1160
Distillation, Simulated by GCASTM D5307
Doctor TestASTM D4952, IP 30
DOT US Classification of Crude Oil by Rail 
Drop Melting Point of Wax and PetroleumIP 133
Dropping Point of Lubricating GreaseASTM D566, IP 132
Ductility of bituminous materialsASTM D113, T51
Ductility at 77F on ResidueASTM D244, T59
Dye Content in DieselASTM D6258, D6756
Dynamic Viscosity of BitumenIP 222
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