Petroleum and Petrochemical Testing, W.

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Intertek provides ASTM, ISO, IP and other test methods for the analysis of petroleum, petroleum refined products, and petrochemical feedstocks and products.

Petroleum & Petrochemical Test Directory

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Test DescriptionTest Method
Water Quality Services 
Water and Sediment in Residual Fuels - CentrifugeISO 3734
Water by DistillationISO 3733
Water Content for Petroleum, Chemicals, FuelsASTM, ISO, IP, EN
Water ContentASTM D4006, D95
Water Content - "Hydroscout" Field testHydroscout
Water Content - Karl FischerASTM D3401, D4377, D4928, E1064
Water Content (Karl Fisher) in Crude OilIP 386
Water Content by Coulometric Karl FischerASTM D6304
Water Content by Volumetric Karl FischerASTM D1364, E203
Water Content in Crude Oil (Volumetric Karl Fischer)IP 356
Water Content in Engine Coolant Concentrate (Volumetric Karl Fischer)ASTM D1123
Water Content in Mineral Oil and Solvents (Karl Fisher Method)DIN 51777
Water Content of Ethylene Glycols and Propylene GlycolsASTM E202
Water Content of Halogenated HydrocarbonsISO 7201-1
Water Content of PolyolsASTM D4672
Water Content of Unused Mineral Insulating OilsBS 148
Water in Crude Oil by DistillationIP 358
Water in Insulating OilsBS 6470
Water in Petroleum Products by DistillationIP 74
Water Miscibility (Hydrocarbons)ASTM D1722
Water ReactionASTM D1094
Water Reaction of Aviation FuelsIP 289
Water removal by centrifuge prior to testing for Sulfur Centrifuge
Water Separability (Demulsification)ASTM D1401, FTM 3201
Water ToleranceASTM D6422
Water Vapor Content of Gaseous Fuels ASTM D5454
Wax Appearance in DistillatesASTM D3117
Wax Appearance Temperature (WAT)IP 389
Wax Dissolution Temperature (WDT) 
Wax ContentUOP 46
Wax Testing Laboratory, South AfricaWax
Wear Characteristics of Hydraulic FluidsASTM D4998
Wear Metals TestingOil Condition
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