South Africa wax testing lab provides analysis and quality control for a wide range of waxes.

Intertek Caleb Brett

The Intertek wax laboratory in South Africa analyzes petroleum-based waxes, synthetic waxes, paraffin waxes, petroleum jellies, and other wax related products is used in industry. Test samples are easy to ship, and the laboratory tests wax products from clients on a global basis.

Located in Durban, South Africa, the wax lab provides an independent testing and inspection services, supporting client processes, quality control and quality assurance programs. The laboratory operates 24/7/365, and is a SANAS 17025 accredited lab with 11 tests accredited. The wax lab was recently awarded Service Provider of the year Award for 2012 by a major client in South Africa.

The fully equipped wax laboratory is staffed by experienced chemists and technicians with years of wax analysis expertise.

Wax Laboratory Tests in South Africa:

  • Appearance 
  • Bending Temperature 
  • Brooks field Viscosity 
  • Burning Rate 
  • Centrifuge Test 
  • Colour (ASTER) 
  • Colour (ASTM) 
  • Colour (Saybolt) 
  • Colour Lovibond 
  • Cone Penetration
  • Congealing Point
  • Density 
  • Dilution Stability
  • Din Beaker Viscosity 
  • Dripping  
  • Drop Melting Point
  • Flash Point
  • Foam Test Volume 
  • Gloss Test 
  • Heat Cool Stability Test
  • Impurities 
  • Kinematic Viscosity 
  • Mass / Candle
  • Needle Penetration 
  • Non Volatile Matter Content 
  • Oil Content (MEK Solubles) 
  • Oil Separation 
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Scrape Test
  • Shear Stability
  • Sieve Test
  • Solids Content 
  • Stability Test
  • Sweat Test 
  • Water Crackle Test 
  • Weight Loss 
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