Petroleum and petrochemical testing services, F.

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Intertek provides ASTM, ISO, IP and other test methods for the analysis of petroleum, petroleum refined products, and petrochemical feedstocks and products.

Petroleum & Petrochemical Test Directory

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Test DescriptionTest Method
FAME in Jet Fuel TestingIP
Fischer-Tropsch StudiesPilot Plant
Fire Fighting Foam TestingASTM, ISO, EN
Fire Point - Pensky Martens Open Cup MethodIP 35
Flash-Point Testing (Flashpoint testing) 
Flash-PointASTM D93A
Flash-Point (PMCC)ASTM D93B
Flash-Point - Pensky Martens Open Cup MethodIP 35
Flash-Point (Abel Method)BS 2000-Part170
Flash-Point (Abel-Pensky Method)EN 57
Flash-Point (COC Method)IP 36
Flash-Point (COC)ASTMD92, T48
Flash-Point (Equilibrium Method)ASTM D3941
Flash-Point (PMCC)ISO 2719
Flash-Point (Seta)ASTM D3828
Flash-Point (Tag Open)ASTM D3143, T79
Flash-Point (TCC)ASTM D56
Flash-Point Abel CCIP 170
Flash-Point Pensky Martin Closed CupIP 34
Fluorine in HydrocarbonsUOP 619
Foaming CharacteristicsASTM D892, IP 146
Free and Total Glycerine in B-100 biodiesel methyl estersASTM D6584
Free Water & Particulates (Clear & Bright Rating)ASTM D4860
Free Water ContentVisual
Freezing PointASTM D2386, D5972, IP 435
Freezing Point of Aviation FuelsIP 16
Freezing Point of High Purity HydrocarbonsASTM D1015
Front End RON (100 C)ISO 5164, IP 325
Frothing Characteristics of Water Mix Metal Working FluidsIP 312
FTIR Scans (Qualitative & Quantitative)FTIR
Fuel Oil TestingASTM, ISO, IP
ASTM, ISO, other 
Fuel Research 
Fuel Quality Monitoring 
Fuel Stability Testing for Stored Fuels 
Fuel Testing 
Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII) in FuelsFED-STD-791-53274
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