Fuel research and development laboratory.

Fuel research and development projects are supported by Intertek R&D fuel laboratories, staffed by fuel experts with years of industry experience. Intertek's global laboratory network offers extensive testing capabilities, including analytical testing, fuel evaluation, process development, trace analysis, trouble-shooting, and many other technical services.

Fuel R&D testing includes chemical analysis, purity and component testing, trace and ultra-trace analysis, trace contamination testing, physical properties testing, round-robin testing, materials interaction, engine evaluation, additive evaluation, pilot plant processing, catalyst evaluation, and much more.

Intertek fuel testing labs conform to ASTM, ISO, EN, and other industry standards, along with in-house and client test methods. Intertek fuel R&D support is well-positioned to help clients with their fuel R&D programs. All project test data is the client's, and is held confidential.

Fuel research and development expertise:

  • Petroleum refined fuels, including gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, bunker fuels
  • Biofuels, including biodiesel, ethanol, and biomass fuels
  • Blended fuels
  • Natural Gas, CNG, LPG, and LNG fuels
  • Coal, Petroleum Coke, Flyash
  • Gas-to-Liquid fuels (GTL)
  • Shale Oil and Gas Services
  • Unconventional and advanced technology fuels
  • Fuel blending support
  • Fuel feedstocks and intermediary products evaluation and testing
  • Fuel additive testing, treatment, and evaluation
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