Fuel quality monitoring programs.

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Fuel quality monitoring programs by Intertek support a wide range of organizations and businesses, from governments to private transportation fleets.

Government fuel quality monitoring programs:

Intertek provides field sampling and fuel testing services to governmental agencies, according to appropriate regulations, requiring the monitoring of the fuel quality sold at fuel stations to protect consumers.

Fuel refinery quality monitoring programs:

Petroleum refining companies use Intertek's experience to support fuel quality monitoring initiatives at their branded retail stations and fuel depots. Intertek personnel monitor the fuel quality sold at the pump stations to help avoid regulatory penalties, and reduce customer complaints.

Fuel retailer quality monitoring programs:

For large retailers who sell fuels at their own fuel stations, Intertek supports and protects their brand reputation by monitoring the quality of the fuel sold to consumers. If desired, Intertek quality certification seals are added to the fuel pumps to help ensure the public that the fuel sold meets quality standards.

Automotive and engine manufacturers fuel evaluation:

When companies in the world's automotive industry need to organize field fuel surveys to monitor the quality of the fuels in various markets, regions and countries, Intertek can assist. Automotive companies strive to develop engines which will run well using local right fuel specifications in different countries and regions. Intertek can support this process. In addition, if field engine problems occur and the local fuel quality is suspected, Intertek can quickly arrange field sampling, shipping, and testing, as required.

Transportation industry fuel quality monitoring programs:

Public and private transportation companies depend upon reliable fuel quality to keep their equipment running. Intertek monitors the fuel quality used for fleets of buses, trucks, and other vehicles. Fuel quality monitoring by Intertek helps avoid engine breakdowns, avoiding schedule disruptions and additional costs.

Fleet oil condition monitoring programs:

Along with fuel quality concerns, engine and powertrain lubricant condition monitoring can reduce costly repairs and downtime. Intertek manages oil condition monitoring programs for fleet owners and operators on a global basis.

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