Inspection and testing services for petrol stations

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Intertek field services support fuel quality monitoring of petrol (gasoline) stations across the world, supporting fuel quality programs run by governments, companies and other entities.

Petrol service station services include:

  • Fuel Quality Monitoring:
    Intertek provides field fuel sampling and laboratory testing services to support regulatory and consumer protection programs.
  • Petrol Pump Calibration for Metrological Control:
    Intertek verifies the accuracy of measured fuel quantity delivered matches the fuel pump reading, helping assure consumer protection.
  • Environmental Testing:
    Intertek labs provide soil and water contamination analysis, helping clients identify contamination sources for more rapid response and mitigation.

Petrol station fuels samples and tested include the full range of fuels and their components and additives, including gasoils, gasoline, diesel, fuel oils, biofuels, DEF (AdBlue), CNG, and other fuels.

Fuel quality testing, monitoring, and consulting expertise:

ASTM Octane Engine Testing

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