From innovation through certification, Intertek helps you navigate the complex regulatory process for renewable energies, complete with consulting and advisory services

As demand for clean and renewable energy grows significantly, we work relentlessly to remain squarely on the cutting edge of renewable technology. Costs of traditional energy sources are rising, the recognition of environmental issues is increasing and political support is growing. You need a partner to help guide your organization through these changes to meet new challenges, maximize efficiency and ensure the growth of your renewable energy business.

We work directly with regulatory bodies to keep up with industry trends, allowing us to provide a broad range of expertise and the most comprehensive integrated offering of testing, certification and consulting services in the industry. With a global footprint in more than 100 countries, we have the breadth and depth of expert renewable energy certification services to turn your project from potential energy to realized revenue.

Expertise, precision and the fastest turnaround times on the planet. That's what it means to work with Intertek.

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We provide renewable energy certification, testing and consultancy services:


Join us Tuesday, March 26, 2024, at 2pm Eastern for a complimentary webinar on cybersecurity requirements for Distributed Energy Resources (DER).

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