Intertek offers a wide range of performance and safety testing services for fuel cell components and systems

The fuel cell stack is the key component in a fuel cell system. Other components include:

  • Oxidant and Fuel Processing Systems
  • Thermal Management System
  • Water Treatment System
  • Power Conditioning System
  • Automatic Control System
  • Ventilation System
  • Bridging Power System, e.g. Battery or supercapacitor

Our fuel cell testing services covers all chemistries and sizes - from smaller micro fuel cells up to larger stationary fuel cells.

Our fuel cell testing services include:

  • Performance Testing of Fuel Cell Stacks and Fuel Cell Systems
  • Prototype Evaluations
  • Brand Comparison and Performance Benchmarking
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data to Support Marketing Claims
  • Regulatory/Safety Testing
    • Testing According to International Standards or Customised Test Programs
    • IEC 62282
    • UN Transportation Regulations (IATA-DGR, ADR/RID, IMDG Code)
    • NEBS/OSP Testing on Fuel Cells Intended for the Telco Service Providers
  • EMC Testing

Our typical clients uses their fuel cells in a wide range of applications that fall into categories as:

  • Leisure/Outdoor market
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical/ Emergency
  • Military
  • ICT/Telecom
  • Transportation
  • Residential/Industrial/Power plants
  • Fuel Cell-, Fuel Cell System- and Fuel Cell Component Developers, Manufactures and Suppliers
  • Fuel Infrastructure

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