Intertek provides Energy Efficiency Verification services to help you comply with Canada’s Energy Guide (NRCan) labeling requirements

In order to demonstrate compliance, commercial and industrial products as well as household appliances must bear an energy efficiency label such as Intertek's ETL Verified Mark. This label serves as proof that your product has been tested and deemed compliant by an accredited test lab. If no label is present, Canadian customs will not allow the product to enter the country.

Canada’s EnergyGuide labeling requirements are coordinated with the US EnergyGuide labeling program, and ENERGY STAR labeled products are encouraged.

Other Testing Programs

Intertek’s energy efficiency testing pedigree covers such notable programs as:

Intertek maintains the accreditations, expertise and state-of-the-art facilities throughout its global network of energy efficiency testing laboratories to help manufacturers meet regional and market requirements.

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