Intertek provides energy efficiency testing for appliances to meet requirements in Europe including ErP Directive, Eco-Label, European Energy Label, TCO Development and ENEC label.

ErP Directive 2009/125/EC (Formerly EuP)

The Eco-design Directive for Energy-Related Products (2009/125/EC) establishes a framework under which manufacturers of energy-related products (ErP) will, at the design stage, be obliged to increase energy efficiency and reduce products’ negative environmental impacts.

Eco-Label Testing

Intertek labs listed under Defra of UK are authorized to test for Eco-Label. Manufacturers and retailers who comply with this voluntary scheme demonstrate higher social responsibility and a brand profile that meets high-end customers’ need. The Eco Labeling Scheme promotes the design, production, marketing and use of consumer products and services that have a reduced environmental impact during their life-cycle. It also provides consumers with more information on the environmental quality of products and services, helping them make informed purchasing decisions. Eco-labeling is a voluntary scheme with seven product categories listed in its scope, including: Cleaning Products, Appliances, Paper Products, Home and garden, Clothing, Tourism & Lubricants. Intertek is a qualified testing lab for every group of Eco-labeling in the UK.

European Energy Label Testing

Intertek provides local, independent testing for the EU Energy Label according to Directive 2010/30/EU. Most Electrical and Electronic products selling in Europe are required to comply with the European Energy Label regulation. Energy consumption of household appliances may influence buyer choice and prompt manufacturers to take steps to reduce it. This scheme will encourage more efficient use of these appliances. It will also provide potential buyers with supplementary standardized information on those appliances’ costs in terms of energy and the consumption of other resources. European Energy Label is mandatory for some products, e.g. refrigerated appliances, washing machines and washer dryers, tumble dryers, dishwashers, electric ovens, light bulbs and air-conditioners under 12 kW.

TCO Certification

Intertek is TCO Development accredited and offers local testing services through our global network of laboratories across North America, Europe and Asia. TCO is a company working toward improved and sustainable office and work environments.

Energy Efficiency Label Testing - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

The new KSA Energy Efficiency Labeling Program took effect on April 27, 2010. We are accredited to provide testing and certification to SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) standards for the affected product categories. 

Other European Energy Efficiency Requirements

Intertek also tests for the European Union’s voluntary ENEC Marking scheme for products including switches for appliances. The objective of the ENEC mark is to demonstrate that products have been tested and certified to relevant European electrical safety standards. The Mark is accepted in 20 European countries. In addition, Intertek can test to many CENELEC requirements, including those for handheld electric tools as part of the Machinery Directive (98/37/EC)

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