KSA's new energy labeling program took effect on April 27, 2010. We are accredited to provide testing and certification to SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) standards for the affected product categories.

From this date forward, all products being sold in KSA within the scope of this program must comply to mandatory energy efficiency standards.

Products Covered Under KSA's Energy Labeling Program

Air conditioners: Window type and split type air-cooled Air Conditioner with cooling capacity less than 70 000 Btu/h (SASO 2663/2007, SASO 2681/2007, SASO 2682/2007)

Washing machines
: Electric washing machines for household and similar use, including machines with or without heating devices and supplied by cold and/or hot water, washers with water extraction by centrifugal force (Washer-Dryer) in single bowl or twin tub, and either horizontal or vertical axis (SASO 2683/2007, SASO 2693/2007, SASO 2692/2007)

Refrigerators, refrigerators-freezers and freezers
: household refrigerators and refrigerator-freezers and freezers and compact refrigerators, refrigerator-freezers and freezers employing compressor type refrigeration system. The capacity for refrigerators and refrigerator-freezers is up to 1100L (39ft) and for Freezers is up to 850 L (30ft) (SASO 2664/2007)

The label is a comparative label, it contains the energy consumption efficiency for each product and guides the consumer to the most efficient product.

Routes to Conformity in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

An Exporter may choose one of three routes. Whichever route is chosen, upon compliance, the Exporter will be issued with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). This document ensures clearance of the shipment through Saudi Customs.

Route 1: For Unregistered/Unlicensed Products
Each shipment for export requires Pre-supply inspection and Pre-supply testing to certain standards. Upon successful completion, the Exporter is issued with a CoC which will ensure clearance through Customs. This route is typically used by infrequent exporters.

Route 2: For Registered Products
Consignment Inspection is performed on all shipments but product testing is only performed on shipments chosen at random intervals. To take advantage of this route, an Exporter must first Register their products. This route is typically used by regular exporters.

Route 3: For Licensed Products
Pre-supply inspection and Pre-supply testing are performed on shipments at random intervals. To take advantage of this route an Exporter must be able to:

  • Demonstrate compliance of the products with applicable Saudi or International standards typically through the use of Test Reports
  • Prove that the manufacturer operates an approved Quality Assurance system e.g. ISO9000

In addition to SASO testing, Intertek provides electrical product safety testing, performance testing and a host of other services for these product categories. Bundle your SASO testing with other testing services to save time and money.