Asphalt products testing and inspection.

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Asphalt and asphaltic materials are tested to industry quality standards and for R&D support. Intertek asphalt laboratories perform analysis to global, industry and regulatory standards, including ASTM, AASHTO, ISO, EN, and other asphalt and petroleum industry criteria. Asphalt quality control, quality assurance, and related expertise are provided.

Asphalt lab technicians are NETTCP Certified, and have years of asphalt testing experience. Participation in the AMRL PG Binder, Viscosity and Emulsified Asphalt Proficiency Testing Programs ensures that the USA asphalt lab delivers prompt, quality testing. Professional asphalt quality testing is also available in Europe. Asphalt materials testing includes roofing and viscosity grading and asphalt binder testing. Asphalt cargo inspection services are available on a global basis.

Asphalt ASTM, AASHTO TestingAsphalt Laboratory Tests
Distillation, Cut-back D402, T78
Ductility D113, T51
Flash Point, C.O.C. D92, T48
Flash Point, Tag Open D3143, T79
Heavy Oil Characterization, 650F+HPLC
Insolubles n-Heptane D3279
Oliensis Test D1370
Asphalt Penetration Test D5, T49
Quinoline Insolubles D2318
Relative Density D70, T228
Smoke Point (With COC Flash ) State
Asphalt Softening Point D36, T53
Spot Test T102
Viscosity - Absolute D2171, T202
Viscosity - Kinematic D2170, T201
Water Content D95
Asphalt Binder TestingAsphalt Binder Test Method
Asphalt Grade Verification (PG verification) M320
Binder Specification Grading Test to Failure
Bending Beam T313
Direct Tension T314
Dynamic Shear T315
Pressure Aging R28
Rolling Thin Film Oven Test (% mass change)T240, D2872
Rotational ViscosityT316
Critical Cracking Temperature DeterminationCalculated Value
Asphalt Emulsion TestingAsphalt Emulsion Test
Distillation (% Oil Distillate, Oil Residue) D244, T59
Ductility at 77F on Residue D244, T59
Asphalt Elastic Recovery D6084, State
Penetration of Residue D244, T59
Asphalt Testing for EuropeNF, EN, ISO, ASTM

... and additional asphalt tests

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