Asphaltenes testing for crude oils and petroleum refined products.

Intertek Caleb Brett

Intertek provides asphaltenes content and composition testing for crude oil, refined fuels, and residual products. 

Asphaltenes in crude oil feedstocks have the potential to cause problems with crude oil transportation, blending, storage, and refinery processing, including precipitation, corrosion, plugging, fouling, and other serious issues. Asphaltenes can 'drop out' of crude oil and refined products whenever conditions are right; in pipelines, storage tanks, barges, trucks, rail-cars, ships, and during various process stages of petroleum refining.

By testing for asphaltene content in petroleum feedstocks, Intertek clients better understand the asphaltene characteristics of individual crude oil feedstocks. This knowledge can be put to use by applying appropriate chemical additive treatments, blending with other compatible crude oils, and by optimizing the refinery to optimize yield and minimize potential problems.

Asphaltenes test methods provided by Intertek include ASTM, IP, and other recognized industry standards. Asphaltene analysis is available to clients on a global basis.

Asphaltenes testing capabilities and expertise:

  • D6560, IP143, asphaltenes
  • D7061, nHeptane induced phase separation
  • D3279, nHeptane insolubles 
  • SARA Heavy Oil Analysis
  • additional detailed hydrocarbons testing and analysis


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