Octane testing laboratories.

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Gasoline octane rating and testing are provided by Intertek on a global basis. The octane labs use CFR (Cooperative Fuel Research) engines and test to ASTM and other industry and regulatory protocols. Octane tests, also referred to as the "engine knock test", measure gasoline characteristics related to engine knocking. Intertek octane labs measure gasoline samples from refineries, storage facilities, storage tanks and pipelines for octane ratings and many other gasoline fuel quality properties.

Gasoline octane tests:

  • Octane Number MON (Motor), ASTM D2700
  • Octane Number RON (Research), ASTM D2699
  • Octane Number plus Additives 
  • Octane Rating of Aviation Gasoline (supercharge Method)
  • RON/MON antiknock index (R+M/2): ASTM D4814, Average of RON and MON tests
  • Avgas Octane Number: ASTM D909, supercharge Method

Octane Engine Testing, St. Rose Louisiana

ASTM Octane Engine Testing

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