Supercharge octane testing for aviation gasoline (Avgas) in the USA.

Intertek Caleb Brett

Supercharge octane test engine avgas testing is available at the Intertek Chicago petroleum laboratory. Intertek is the only international fuel testing and inspection company providing this service in the Americas. Intertek delivers full ASTM D910 specification testing for aviation gasoline (Avgas).

The supercharge engine in the USA complements Intertek’s engines in Europe, supporting the aviation industry from test facilities in Rotterdam, Netherlands and West Thurrock, United Kingdom.

Supercharged F-4 engines test aviation fuel quality and measures a fuel’s performance octane number against the testing standard ASTM D909. ASTM D909 is a crucial QC test for aviation gasoline (Avgas), testing fuel performance under severe conditions in higher performance engines. Avgas is a high-octane aviation fuel used to power small aircraft and some racing cars. Avgas produced to meet specifications such as ASTM D910. The ASTM D909 test determines the knock-limited power of fuel under supercharge rich-mixture conditions.

Intertek performs the complete ASTM D-910 test slate for aviation fuels:  

Aviation Gasoline ASTM supercharge Octane Test Engine

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