Motor Sport Fuel Testing

Motorsports racing fuel testing and compliance.

Motorsport race fuel certification and compliance testing for major global motor sports organizations and racing fuel suppliers helps to ensure fuel integrity and fairness during race events across the world.

Intertek race fuel compliance testing is provided at national and international car and motor bike race series events, with trained personnel conducting ‘on-track’ fuel sampling and analysis using mobile laboratories which can be sent anywhere in the world on-site race fuel testing is required. Race fuel samples may also be taken on-site and shipped to Intertek for later testing.

Motorsport fuel testing is conducted to accepted motor sport standards, including FIA Compliance Appendix J (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) and FIM Fuels Specification Compliance (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme). Fuel samples are taken from individual cars and motor bikes before, during, and after races.

Fuel sampling is conducted under the direction of official race event “Technical Scrutineers”. After fuel samples are professionally acquired, Intertek’s fuel specialists will test the fuel on-site using our mobile racing fuel test laboratories or ship the fuel samples are promptly to an appropriate Intertek fuels testing laboratory.

Race Fuel Quality and Conformity:
Fuel samples are most often tested at the race track in a mobile laboratory by experienced Intertek chemists using state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation. Intertek fuel experts will take “fingerprints” of race fuel samples and compare them to reference fuels. Any out-of-specification fuel results are reported immediately. A typical fuel test may take 15 minutes to run.

Racing Fuel Expertise and Leadership:
Intertek is a fuels advisory board member for the FIA and FIM, working with each organization and fuel manufacturers to develop new and updated quality and compliance standards. Fuel specification testing is provided to over 15 motor sports organizations. Intertek is the exclusive fuel testing provider for FIM, and is one of the FIA’s accepted fuel testing companies.

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