Carbon content testing in oils, lubricants, petroleum products, and biofuels.

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Testing for carbon content in biofuels, petroleum products, crude oil, and lubricants is available through Intertek laboratories on a global basis. Carbon content analysis of hydrocarbons is provided for quality control, research, troubleshooting, and compliance testing requirements. Determination of carbon content is performed using the ASTM D5291 test method, among other methods.

Along with carbon content analysis in hydrocarbons, Intertek labs provide hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen content test data for petroleum, refined petroleum products, other hydrocarbons and biofuels, and edible oils.

Carbon content testing:

  • Carbon content, ASTM D5291 (CHN and CHNSO, Ultimate Analysis, with hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, as needed)
  • Carbon residue (Conradson ASTM D189, D4530, D524, EN ISO 10370 Ramsbottom test)
  • Carbon content in vegetable, edible oils, and agricultural products, AOAC 972.43
  • Carbon black content in feedstock crude oil, ASTM D7662
  • Additional carbon content and residue laboratory analysis


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