EN and ASTM biodiesel testing to quality standards.

The biodiesel fuel quality test specifications table below provides comparisons between EN and ASTM biodiesel requirements. These specifications are subject to revision. Intertek operates a global laboratory network of biodiesel testing facilities, with extensive biodiesel quality testing expertise and experience.

Biodiesel, FAME TestsEN 14214-03Biodiesel Test CommentsASTM D6751-07b
Density EN ISO 3675 or 12185Hydrometer, DensitometerN/A
API Gravity or densityN/ANot a specification requirementD1298 or D4052
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40OCEN ISO 3104Methods are equivalentD445
Flash PointEN ISO 3679Rapid equilibrium closed cupN/A
Flash PointN/APM Closed cupD93
Sulphur contentEN ISO 20846 or 20884UV fluorescence, WDXRFN/A
Sulfur contentN/AUV FluorescenceD5453
Carbon residue (on 10% Bottoms)EN ISO 10370MCRTN/A
Carbon residue (whole sample)N/AMCRTD4530
Cetane numberEN ISO 5165Cetane Engine, Methods are equivalentD613
Derived Cetane NumberN/AIQT, Alternative for D6751D6890
Sulphated ash ISO 3987Methods are equivalentD874
Water contentEN ISO 12937Coulometric Karl FischerN/A
Water & sediment contentN/ABy CentrifugeD2709
Total contaminationEN 12662By FiltrationN/A
Copper strip corrosionEN ISO 2160Methods are equivalentD130
Oxidation stabilityEN 14112Rancimat, 6 hour requirementN/A
Oxidation stabilityN/ARancimat, 3 hour EN 14112
Acid valueEN 14104PP Colorimetric TitrationN/A
Acid numberN/APotentiometric TitrationD664
Iodine valueEN14111By TitrationN/A
Linolenic acid methyl esterEN 14103By GC.N/A
Polyunsaturated methyl estersEN 14103By GC.N/A
Ester contentEN 14103By GC.N/A
Methanol contentEN 141110By GC.EN14110
Monoglyceride contentEN 14105 / 6By GC.N/A
Diglyceride contentEN 14105 / 6By GC.N/A
Triglyceride contentEN 14105 / 6By GC.N/A
Free glycerolEN 14105 / 6By GC.N/A
Total glycerolEN 14105 / 6By GC.N/A
Free & total GlycerinN/ABy GC.D6584
Group I (alkali) metals Na, KEN 14108 Na, 14109 KAASN/A
Group I (alkali) metals Na, KN/AICPEN14538
Group II (alkali) metals Ca, MgEN 14538ICPEN14538
Phosphorus contentEN 14107ICPN/A
Phosphorus contentN/AICPD4951 Mod.
Cold Filter Plugging Point, OCEN 116Cold Flow TestN/A
Cloud PointN/AWax Appearance Temp.D2500
90% Recovered Distillation N/AVaccum DistillationD1160
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