Global Ethanol Fuel Quality Testing Services by Intertek Caleb Brett

We offer extensive ethanol fuel-grade specification testing to ensure the highest standards of fuel quality. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced professionals are equipped to conduct a broad spectrum of tests, determining ethanol's suitability as a standalone fuel or a component in fuel blends. We follow globally accepted test methods, including ASTM and ISO standards, to guarantee accuracy and compliance with international regulations.

Our Ethanol Fuel Testing Services Include

  • Ethanol Purity Analysis: Assessing the concentration and quality of ethanol.
  • Methanol Content Evaluation: Measuring the presence of methanol, crucial for safety and performance.
  • Solvent Washed Gums Testing: Identifying residues that can affect engine performance.
  • Water Content Determination: Ensuring ethanol's suitability for use by measuring its water content.
  • Denaturant Content Analysis: Checking the levels of additives used to make ethanol unfit for consumption.
  • Inorganic Chloride Content Measurement: Detecting chlorides that can corrode engine parts.
  • Copper Content Analysis: Monitoring copper levels to prevent damage to fuel systems.
  • Acidity Testing: Ensuring that the acidity of the ethanol does not harm engine components.
  • Quantification of Sulfur, Sulfates, and Chlorides: Measuring elements that can cause environmental and engine concerns.
  • Visual Rating for Appearance: Assessing the physical appearance of ethanol for quality control.
  • Specific Gravity Assessment: Determining the density of ethanol compared to water.
  • Composition Analysis via Gas Chromatography: Detailed breakdown of ethanol's chemical composition.
  • Detection of Various Chemicals: Identifying the presence of specific alcohols and solvents.
  • Renewable Fuel Quality Testing: Specialized testing for algae-derived and other renewable ethanol sources.

Intertek's commitment to quality and precision in ethanol fuel testing ensures that clients receive reliable, accurate data for their products. Our services are vital for manufacturers, distributors, and consumers who demand the highest standards for ethanol fuel and biofuel products.

Ethanol Fuel Testing

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