Fuel grade E-85 and E-75 ethanol quality testing services.

Intertek Caleb Brett

Intertek fuel testing laboratories offer sampling and inspection services fuel grade ethanol. Expert ethanol testing and inspection services are in the USA, Brazil, Europe, Australia and many other locations. Ethanol, denatured ethanol & fuel ethanol testing is offered on a global basis. Testing is conducted to industry specifications such as ASTM D5798.

Fuel ethanol testing:

  • Ethanol, ASTM D5501
  • Density or Relative Density, D1298, D4052
  • Hydrocarbon Aliphatic Ether
  • Vapor Pressure, D5191
  • Lead Content, D5059, D3341
  • Phosphorus Content, D3231
  • Sulfur Content, D2622, D5453
  • Methanol, Higher Alcohols, Ethers, D4815
  • Acidity, D1613
  • Solvent Washed Gum Content, D381
  • pHe, D6423
  • Unwashed Gum Content, D381
  • Total Chlorine as Chlorides, D4929B
  • Inorganic Chloride, D512, D2988
  • Copper Content, D1688 Modified
  • Water Content, E203, E1064
  • Appearance, D5798 

Additional fuel ethanol or denaturant (hydrocarbon) tests:

  • Distillation, D86
  • Research Octane Number, D2699
  • Motor Octane Number, D2700
  • Oxidation Stability, D525

Prepaid Sample Shipping Kits are available for your convenience in the USA. Fuel ethanol (E-75 & E-85) is defined by ASTM as a blend of Ethanol and Hydrocarbon of which the Ethanol portion is nominally 70 -85 volume % Denatured Fuel Alcohol.

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