Comprehensive Biofuel Pellets Testing and Analysis Services

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We specialise in thorough biofuel pellet quality testing and analysis, offering our services across a global network of biomass fuel laboratories. Our expertise extends to analysing fuel pellets made from diverse sources such as wood, plant fibres, wastepaper, and more. Understanding that fuel pellets differ significantly in aspects like quality, heat value, and elemental composition, we provide detailed analysis to ensure optimum performance.

Extensive Laboratory Analysis for Biofuel Pellets

Our biofuel pellet testing includes a range of laboratory analyses to determine:

  • Calorific Value: Assessing the energy content of the pellets.
  • Ash Content: Understanding the residual mineral content after combustion.
  • Moisture Content: Measuring the water content, crucial for combustion efficiency.
  • Sulphur Content: Identifying the sulphur levels to evaluate environmental impact.
  • pH Level: Determining the acidity or alkalinity of the pellets.
  • Chloride Content: Assessing chloride levels for corrosion potential.
  • Ultimate Analysis: Providing a detailed chemical composition.
  • Proximate Analysis: Offering insights into the pellet’s moisture, ash, volatile matter, and fixed carbon.
  • Trace Metals Analysis: Identifying the presence of potentially harmful metals.
  • Additional Tests: Customised testing based on specific requirements.

Advanced Testing Methods Adhering to Global Standards

Our biofuel pellet testing utilises advanced methods, including the determination of gross caloric value of wood fuels. We rigorously adhere to global standards such as ASTM E870 and conduct additional ASTM and ISO tests specifically designed for biomass fuels.

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