Intertek is a trusted provider of comprehensive testing services for sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs). As the aviation industry embraces eco-friendly alternatives, ensuring the quality, performance, and compliance of these fuels is crucial. Our cutting-edge testing facilities and industry expertise enable us to deliver accurate results and valuable insights for the advancement of sustainable aviation.

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At Intertek, we possess extensive knowledge and experience in the field of sustainable aviation fuels. Our dedicated team of experts stays at the forefront of emerging trends, regulations, and testing methodologies to provide reliable and efficient testing services.

We offer a wide range of testing services tailored specifically to sustainable aviation fuels. From initial raw feedstock analysis to the final product certification, our comprehensive testing solutions ensure that SAFs meet the required quality specifications and performance standards.

Intertek maintains state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with advanced technology and instrumentation. Our facilities enable us to conduct precise and accurate analyses, guaranteeing the integrity of the test results and the fuels being evaluated.

We understand the importance of compliance with industry regulations and standards. Our testing procedures adhere to rigorous quality control protocols, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our test results. Intertek is committed to supporting the growth of sustainable aviation fuels and helping our clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

Our Sustainable Aviation Fuel Testing Services:

  • SAF Production Certification Testing: Intertek performs the complete certification analyses show compliance with the ASTM D7566 specification. This SAF blend stock component can then be blended with conventional jet fuel.
  • Finished SAF-Jet Fuel Certification Testing: Once the SAF is blended up to 50% into conventional jet fuel, intertek can certify to the ASTM D1655 specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel.
  • Feedstock Testing Services: Intertek conducts comprehensive analyses of the feedstocks to assure their quality before introduction into the SAF production plant.

Intertek is a leading provider of sustainable aviation fuel testing services. Our expertise, cutting-edge facilities, and commitment to quality and compliance make us the ideal partner for businesses and organizations seeking reliable and accurate testing solutions. 

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