Biofuel supply chains are intricate and carry various environmental consequences. Ensuring sustainability at the producer level is crucial, evidenced through sustainability verification of the biomass.

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With the escalating concern over sustaining the livelihood of a growing global population, numerous initiatives have been established to promote the sustainable cultivation of biomass for biofuel production. Notably, the European Union's Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC), commonly known as EU RED, mandates sustainability certification for all biofuels sold within the EU from 2012. This directive concentrates on several key sustainability criteria: biodiversity conservation, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon conservation, land rights, and socio-economic effects. These criteria differ based on the methods of feedstock production, biofuel conversion, distribution, and usage.

In the EU biofuel market, both buyers and sellers are required to conduct regular independent audits of their suppliers to verify adherence to these sustainability criteria.

Biofuels Sustainability Auditing Services

Intertek's third-party verification programme assists organisations in identifying critical areas for improvement, quantifying sustainability products, and achieving compliance with biofuel sustainability legislation, such as EU RED. Our multidisciplinary team, comprising seasoned process auditors, accountants, and engineers, collaborates with you to develop and implement an audit and verification plan. This leads to accredited and independent sustainability certification for your entire supply chain.

Boasting a network of over 1,000 auditors in more than 100 countries, Intertek offers bespoke auditing solutions throughout the biofuel supply chain. As a leading entity in testing, inspection, and auditing, our experts are adept in addressing the unique challenges of the biofuel sector. To meet European sustainability legislation requirements, we provide biofuel certification against standards including:

These certification systems are not only applicable to biofuels but also demonstrate sustainable biomass production in other industries like chemicals and food.

In addition to our biofuels sustainability auditing services, Intertek offers a wide range of supporting services for the biofuels industry, including:

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