Metallurgical coke reactivity index testing.

Metallurgical coke reactivity index testing, using ASTM test method D-5341, is provided by Intertek. 

ASTM D-5341 measures the met-coke reactivity index (CRI) and coke strength after reaction (CSR). Metallurgical coke is used in blast furnaces for steel and other hot metal production.

During the feed process, coke lumps descend into blast furnaces and are subjected to strong abrasion and CO2 counter-current flows. This processes weakens and chemically reacts the coke, producing excess fine particles (fines). The fines decrease burden permeability and increase coking rates, resulting in lost hot metal production. With the ASTM D-5341 test method, Intertek indirectly measures the predictive properties and behavior of specific coke batches in a blast furnace. 

Met-coke reactivity testing is available in the USA and China. Shipping of client samples can be easily arranged for domestic and international shipments. 

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