Paraffin and Wax Flow Assurance Services

Flow assurance solutions for paraffin and wax in deepwater and cold climate environments.

Paraffins and waxes analysis for flow assurance optimization:
Intertek Westport flow assurance services range from pre-production problem assessment to mitigation methods, including complete PVT* and fluid characterization (to C100), deposition models and deposition flow loop studies.

Additional capabilities include rheological characterization and start-up pressure prediction (vane viscometry and flow loop), reproducing field temperature history without loss of light ends, and micro-visualization of wax aggregation and deposition under flow. Intertek evaluates compatibility of inhibitors injected through extended umbilical lines. Intertek Westport is a leader in Total Quality Assurance wax and paraffin testing, inhibition evaluation and modelling.

*Pressure, Volume and Temperature Phase Analysis.
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