Supporting Exporters and Importers in India and South Asia with Certificates of Conformity, Pre-Shipment Inspections and Chartered Engineers Certificate.

Many governments around the world have implemented Conformity Assessment, Pre-Export Verification of Conformity (PVoC) to Standards programmes, Pre-Shipment Inspection or Destination Inspection to help protect their consumers from sub-standard products and goods. Exports to these countries require a certificate of conformity or inspection to clear customs.

Businesses based in India and South Asia who are exporting to these countries need to be fully aware of applicable requirements. Intertek has a highly experienced and knowledgeable team based in Mumbai who are dedicated to helping exporters make the most of global export opportunities.

Intertek has been working with exporters in the region for over 25 years and continues to be committed to offering an increasingly wider range of services as well as the high standard of customer experience our clients have come to expect. We can support exporters to Algeria, Cameroon, Ecuador, EthiopiaBotswana, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Morocco, MozambiqueQatar, Russia and the EAC, Saudi Arabia, The Philippines, Tanzania and Uganda with the necessary inspections and certificates for Customs clearance.

For exports of Food to Saudi ArabiaEgypt, or Qatar, we can issue the mandatory Certificate of Conformity or Certificate of Inspection as we are accredited by SFDA, NFSA, and MoPH.  

As an Accredited Certification Body Intertek has been assessed and approved by the applicable government departments in the importing countries meaning that we are competent to test and certify your shipments before they are shipped. We have issued millions of certificates and test reports and exporters can be confident that an Intertek certificate will aid Customs clearance. 

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