Wind Turbine Services A to Z

Wind Turbine Inspection, Testing and Certification services, A to Z.

Intertek provides global wind turbine clients technical services to support wind energy activities, from turbine design and manufacturing to transport, assembly and operational expertise.

Wind Turbine services:

A, B, C

Accelerated Stress Testing (AST)
Acoustical Testing
AIM Program (Asset Integrity Management)
AWEA 9.1 Standard Testing and Certification
Component Recognition
Composites Testing 
Condition Assessment 
Construction Review
Corrosion Services 
CVA Traceability

D, E, F

Dimensional Control
Electrical Safety Testing for Wind Turbines
EMC Testing
Energy Management Systems 
Engineering Consultancy
Evaluating the Cost of Renewable Energy Integration
Field Labeling
Forensic Investigation and Failure Analysis

G, H, I, J, K, L

Gearbox Oil Condition Monitoring (Wind Turbines)
Health and Environmental Services
Inspection of Coating and Corrosion Systems
Large Wind Turbine Testing

M, N, O, P

Manufacturing and Construction Inspection
Materials Analysis and Testing
Mechanical Design Evaluation
Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM)
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
Performance Testing 
Product Safety Testing 
Project Certification

Q, R, S, T, U, V

ROI Modeling
Small Wind Turbine Testing 
Structural Analysis and Inspection
Technical Inspection 
Type Certification
Vendor Assessment 
Vendor Inspection and Expediting

W, X, Y, Z

Weld Procedural Development
Wind Turbine Certification 
Wind Energy Services
Wind Turbine Lubricant Testing 
Wind Turbine Testing

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