NREL Small Wind Reports

Intertek’s Small Wind Test Site and the NREL RTC Program

Intertek’s Small Wind Regional Test Center (RTC) is one of the few globally accredited Small Wind Test Centers in North America and a member of the Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) RTC program.  

Intertek has been a part of the DOE/NREL RTC program since 2010. As a requirement of the program, manufacturers who take part must have their test results publically available.  To meet that requirement, Intertek has posted below test reports for the wind turbines that we have tested for manufacturers participating in the NREL RTC program. 

The type of testing performed at Intertek’s RTC is used by manufacturers to gain rebates and incentives from government agencies around the world.  For the complete list of the small wind turbines that Intertek is testing and certifying visit our Wind Certification Program Directory.

DOE/NREL RTC Program Test Results

Fortis Wind Energy – Montana
Fortis Power Performance Report (09/12) 3.7MB PDF
Fortis Wind Turbine Acoustic Noise Report (09/12) 4MB PDF
Fortis Duration Report (11/12) 3MB PDF
Fortis safety and Function Report (05/13) 3MB PDF

Wind Turbine Industries – Jacobs 31-20
Wind Turbine Industries Power Performance Report (09/12) 6MB PDF
Wind Turbine Industries Acoustic Noise Report (09/12) 1.8MB PDF
Wind Turbine Industries Duration Report (09/12) 3.4MB PDF
Wind Turbine Industries Safety and Function Report (05/13) 2.5MB PDF



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