Large Wind Turbine Testing

Intertek’s world-class Large Wind testing experts help ensure the safety and reliability of your Large Wind turbines and components.

We provide compliance for design, testing and certification standards and ensure that your test program is technically advanced and optimally efficient. We offer testing to UL 6141 (Wind Turbines Permitting Entry of Personnel) and CSA C22.2 NO. 272 (Wind Turbine Electrical Systems) for entry into the US and Canadian markets, respectively. Our expert team provides you design, produce, install and maintain turbines for enhanced performance, reduced downtimes and greater productivity.

SmartTrack Program

Our SmartTrack Program helps large wind turbine manufacturers get on the track to certification, while at the same time fulfilling the requirements for field labeling. The Program ensures that qualification for field labeling is completed as quickly as possible to get large wind turbine manufacturers ready for installations while simultaneously, focusing on the certification process.

7-Step Process for the SmartTrack Program:

Review of large wind turbine design documentation, including electrical component information, schematics, and control and safety functions.
A detailed review of all of the electrical standard requirements as applied to the specific wind turbine construction.

Identification of actions needed to be taken to pre-qualify for field labeling and the actions required for certification.

Creation of a test plan for wind turbine assembly and components specifying what is required for field label and what is required for certificatio.

Identification of critical components and what, if any, component evaluations are required either for field labeling or certification


Qualification of components that were identified in step 3 that do not comply with North American requirements and need further evaluation/testing to qualify

A focus on what needs to be done for pre-qualification for field labeling and additional needs for certification


A report used for on-site inspections that details the construction and components required for successful field labeling.


Utilizing the report from step 5, Intertek verifies the construction of the installed large wind turbines match what was qualified and perform any required on-site testing and apply field or SI labels.
Details the construction/components that have been evaluated and certified, including testing that was performed and any production line or site testing required for compliance.

The SmartTrack Program is a comprehensive approach for Large Wind Turbine manufacturers to quickly gain confidence in their Wind Energy products and minimize risk. Intertek ensures that the results from the pre-qualification are used in all of the certification efforts so that work is not duplicated. The pre-qualification for field labeling reduces the risk of field retrofits. In addition, all of the work done toward pre-qualification can be applied to certification as long as the design is the same.

From pre-qualification for field labeling through final product certification, Intertek offers the industry’s most thorough Large Wind Testing Services. We have experience evaluating all electrical components and all types of large wind turbines for commercial wind farms.

Benefits of Intertek’s SmartTrack include:

  • Large wind turbine manufacturers do not need to choose between compliance and speed to market. Now you can have both.
  • Risk Management – Intertek eliminates/minimizes the risk of costly delays and field retrofits due to non-compliance with local safety regulations
  • Get to market quicker without sacrificing confidence
  • A simplified and comprehensive process – from pre-qualification for field labeling all the way to Certification
  • A complete program – With our expertise and experience in the North American market, we’ve evaluated and qualified every component of all types of large wind turbines

Intertek provides:

  • Field Inspection and Labeling for US and Canada
  • ETL Classification Listing for US and Canada
  • IEC 61400 Type Certification
  • CE Verification
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