Q and Q Inspections

Q and Q inspections are designed to help protect your brand and your company’s reputation by minimizing defective merchandise, customer complaints, non-compliant products, and late and short shipments.

Intertek is able to conduct on-site inspections to ensure that your brand reputation and your consumers are protected.

It is imperative that consumer product manufacturers verify that the products manufactured, shipped, and distributed under their brand name meet industry and government regulations or their own specific requirements. As an independent, third-party inspection and testing company,  Intertek can conduct a variety of on-site inspections to ensure that your brand, reputation, and consumers are protected.

  • Ensure Product Conformity to Standards prior to Shipping
  • Ensure Correct Quantities are being Shipped
  • Minimise the amount of Defective Merchandise
  • Reduce Customers Complaints due to Inferior Products
  • Detect Merchandise containing Non-standard or Non-compliant Components
  • Eliminate Late Shipments
  • Ensure Contractual Quantity and Quality Specifications as per Purchase Orders and Letters of Credit.

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