Tradeable Waiver Certificate

Waiver Certificate or Loading Certificate for Exports to Africa

Waiver Certificate, or loading certificate, also known as ECTN, CTN, BSC, BESC, BIETC, FERI or CNCA  are required for Customs clearance in 23 African countries

This certificate is mandatory in addition to other Customs clearance requirements such as Certificates of Conformity and failure to obtain these can mean your shipment being rejected at the country of import.

The waiver includes all the information of the involved parties, the values/ description and the volume of the goods, shipping information and other relevant information and both exporter and importer are responsible for making sure that the certificate is issued.

The certificate enables Customs Authorities control and manage Import traffic.

Regardless of the type of shipment  you must obtain a waiver certificate.


Which Countries require a Waiver Certificate?

Listed below are the African countries which require a Waiver Certificate for Customs clearance


  • Angola –  CNCA 
  • Benin – BESC 
  • Burkina Faso – ECTN
  • Burundi – ECTN
  • Cameroon – BESC
  • Central African Republic – ECTN
  • Chad – ECTN
  • Congo – ECTN
  • Democratic Republic Congo – FERI
  • Equatorial Guinea –  ECTN
  • Gabon – BIETC
  • Guinea – ECTN
  • Guinea Bissau – CEE
  • Ivory Coast – BSC 
  • Liberia – CTN
  • Libya – ECTN
  • Madagascar – BSC
  • Mali – BESC
  • Niger – ECTN
  • Senegal – ECTN
  • Sierra Leone – CTN
  • South Sudan – ECTN
  • Togo - ECTN

Intertek Tradeable can facilitate the waiver certification service for exports to Africa from Europa and the USA, giving you peace of mind that your shipment will benefit from a smoother Customs clearance so faster access to market.


The Governments of Cameroon, Gabon and Ivory Coast also require a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for imports of regulated products. Intertek is approved by those Governments to issue the CoC


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