Increasing numbers of companies within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) produce a growing range of products including Commercial, Electrical and Consumer goods for export. To ensure smooth customs clearance, products require certification and inspection to meet the quality and safety requirements for imports for many countries around the world.

Intertek, through its strategic partnership with the Dubai Export Development Corporation, (EDC)is able to not only offer the necessary certification, inspection and testing services for these exports, but can also provide exporters with services to enter or expand within foreign markets. 

EDC provides its members with trade information, branding advice, financial, credit facilitation, legal and foreign trade representation and access to potential buyers.

Intertek’s main aim will be to assist Dubai based exporters in understanding product conformity requirements in the countries they ship to. This includes countries under Intertek’s conformity/ fiscal programmes such as KSA, Kuwait, Kenya, Nigeria, Algeria, Uganda, Mozambique, Bangladesh and various other related inspection & testing services

Intertek recommends exporters to register for EDC’s membership to benefit from their trade facilitation services.

Further details of these services can be found within our "Resources UAE" section. 

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