Cosmetic Technical Regulation in Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus.

Exporting Cosmetics to Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus? New Technical Regulation in Customs Union.

18th October 2011

In order to unify certification requirements for member countries of the Customs Union, (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan), new Technical Regulation for the Customs Union "Safety of perfumery and cosmetic products" was approved on 23rd September 2011 (Decision of CU Commission n° 799). This new Technical Regulation will be coming into force from 1st July 2012 and will replace national requirements of each member state.

This Technical Regulation concerns perfumes, cosmetic and oral hygiene products.

New form of Declaration of Conformity valid on the entire territory of Customs Union will be applicable from 1st July 2012. Maximum period of validity could reach 5 years instead of the current 3 years. GOST R Declarations of conformity issued before this date can be used until their expiry date, but not later than the 1st July 2014.

Products conforming to new requirements shall display a new Market Circulation Mark of the Customs Union.

According to Technical Regulation, the conformity of products to the provisions of this Technical Regulation will be confirmed by means of State Registration of Customs Union (already applied since July 1st, 2010) as document prior to the new Declaration of Conformity. For certain categories of products State Registration will be sufficient.

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