Customs Union Packaging and Electrical Regulation Update.

To unify certification requirements for member countries of the Customs Union, (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan), new Technical Regulations for the Customs Union were approved on 16th August 2011 and came into force from 1st July 2012.

23rd September 2011


They are:

  • Safety of Low Voltage Equipment
  • Safety of Packaging

The conformity document (Certificate or Declaration) issued in accordance with these Technical Regulations will be valid in all three countries.

Products covered by Certificates or Declarations issued before 1st July 2012 will be allowed to circulate within the Customs Union market until 15th August 2014 for low voltage equipment and until 15th February 2014 for packaging.

Products certified according to country-specific requirements have to be labelled with the Mark of Conformity of the country they have been certified for. Labeling of these products with the Customs Union Mark of Conformity is not allowed.

According to Technical Regulation “Safety of Low Voltage Equipment” product compliance can be supported by either the Certificate of Conformity or the Declaration of Conformity, depending on the type of equipment.

According to Technical Regulation “Safety of Packaging” compliance of packaging is only supported by the Declaration of Conformity.

These other new Technical Regulations are undergoing inter-state discussions and should be approved in the near future:

  • Safety of Perfumery and Cosmetics
  • Safety of Products for Children and Teenagers
  • Safety of Toys
  • Safety of Equipment for Hazardous areas
  • Safety of Machinery and Equipment
  • Technical Regulation for Oil and Fat products
  • Technical Regulation for fruit and vegetable juices
  • Technical Regulation for milk and dairy products
  • Safety of Lifts

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